Meet Your Photographer

Bethany Tubman Johs

I’m Bethany, a passionate portrait and boudoir photographer based in West Fargo, North Dakota. With 37 years of unwavering dedication to the world of art and design, I bring a wealth of creative expertise to every photo session. My journey began with drawing and painting, evolving into a deep understanding of graphic and web design, which has beautifully inspired my photography style. I approach every subject as a canvas, meticulously crafting each shot to capture not just the image, but the essence and soul of the individual. My years of experience have honed my ability to create an environment where my clients feel not only comfortable but truly empowered, resulting in intimate, alluring portraits that reveal the beauty within. I specialize in Vanity Fair style contemporary portraits including beauty, glamour, boudoir, personal branding, families and generations. This has given me the ability to work with many incredible women of all ages.

My Mission

Building self-esteem and confidence begins when girls are introduced to their first social interactions in pre-school and kindergarten. Mean words can hurt and leave lasting scars. It is my mission to provide a safe and compassionate environment where women of all ages can celebrate her individuality and know that she is worthy of feeling beautiful.

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