Finding My Calling

My love for female portraiture started when I was a little girl. I’ve used paint, charcoal, pencil, pastel… any medium I could get my hands on. Here are a few sketches from high school that have survived over time. Today, I paint with light. I believe I was born to capture the beauty of women.

“Exquisite beauty resides rather in the female form than face, where it is also more lasting.”

Alphonse de Lamartine

I’ve always been fascinated by the female form whether through illustration, sculpture, sketches or paintings. This has carried over to photography and I’ve married my love of art with my mission to help women see their own beauty. We come in all shapes and sizes… and we should embrace our individuality and uniqueness. I would love to give you the gift of seeing what I see… what your loved ones see in you every day. It’s an awakening and it makes my heart sing every time.

Let’s find that woman who may feel lost. Let’s show her she is worthy and deserving. Let’s see that twinkle in her eye. This is her time to shine.


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