Amanda’s Family | Three Generations

I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful family in my West Fargo studio. Seven members of the family and spanning three generations of women. It was an incredible day of laughter, hugs and tears. Watching this video is emotional. It stands for everything I believe in. These are magnificent women who had the courage to step in front of a camera to create these treasured keepsakes. Heirlooms for centuries to come. Capturing their story was such a joy! To Brenda, Amanda, Audrey and Abby… thank you for sharing your family with me. I’m honored to have been part of your special celebration.

Photographer: Bethany Johs
Hair & Makeup Artist: Ashley Rose Delorme
Stylist & Videographer: Sha-Ree Mason
Three Generations Portrait Photographer | Beauty, Boudoir, Personal Branding, Families and Generations